Thursday, February 24, 2011

New cake pop stand

I have been researching cake pop stands...still on my quest to find cheap reusable cake pop stand that looks good. Here is a one that I have found which I really liked. It is from Wilton and works pretty well. The one and only con is that the bottom holders are too short so the cake pop stick slips through when you pick it up...hope that makes sense. It still is great and I definitely will use it alot.

And I thought I would add this sweet picture given to me. Julia knows I love she said we were having a cupcake picnic:)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

T-Mobile Treats

Thanks again to my wonderful cricut cake that helped me with the alphabet. These are chcolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for T-Mobile. I must admit that the frosting was a little thin but still worked well as all I needed to do was attach the fondant. My own writing on the pink square was very shaky:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love is in the air...

Sorry this post is late.....Valentines day cupcakes. These were apple caramel cupcakes, I say were because by now they are in someones tummy. I loved playing around with the decorations on these and also had fun with the cricut cake cutting out the small pink hearts. I sent some to my work with my hubby and they enjoyed them:) Well this week brings more challenges....T-Mobile cupcakes, I will be turning to the cricut cake for that one. i will also be having some fun doing something for a baby shower.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New edition to the family

I am so excited:) I bought a cricut cake mini. I tried it with the icing sheets that you can buy from Wilton but I didn't  like the texture and taste. I decided to use the pre-made fondant. (I still need to try and make my own out of marshmallows) I colored it pink,rolled it out and put in in the freezer so that it would be more firm. It worked like a charm....I LOVE this machine. Here are three pics i took during the process.

I will post my Valentines day cupcakes and cake pops tomorrow sometime.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Party time

I had so much fun doing these Sesame Street cake pops.(not as good as Bakerellas:) but pretty good for my first try) I made these for a friends daughters school valentines day party.  These cake pops were very forgiving:) Once dipped it didn't matter if there were any lumps, bumps or cracks as I had to make the "fur" on the outside. I tried to experiment with a few different things...using fondant and bought eyes for the eyes. Then using icing and food color pens for the pupils of the eyes. I used two different types of candy melts the Wilton and then AWESOME and AMAZING candy melt from a party store called Dawns candy was so nice and thin and easy to work with. I can tell you that from now on I will not be buying Wilton candy melts...sorry Wilton.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl Sweet Snacks:)

I made these Vanilla cupcakes and cake pops for a friend who will be hosting a Super Bowl party. Steelers and Packers cake pops.....yum. I wont lie these were hard to make. Trying to get the different colors and deciding whether to pipe icing or chocolate, eish... (def: South African slang; oh my gosh:)) I still have to figure out how to stop the chocolate from cracking on the cake pops....any suggestions?The footballs on the cupcakes were fun and easy to make, they are made out of fondant.....and here they are
Yellow cake and chocolate frosting cake pops covered with candy coating.

 You can see the bumpy helmets...i tried so hard to make them smooth. I even tried fondant but the fondant seemed too heavy for the cake pop. I will have to practice some more. Here are the cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla frosting.

I have a baby/toddlers valentines party coming up:) I will try and make some sesame street character cake pops....I will keep you posted.