Monday, February 7, 2011

Party time

I had so much fun doing these Sesame Street cake pops.(not as good as Bakerellas:) but pretty good for my first try) I made these for a friends daughters school valentines day party.  These cake pops were very forgiving:) Once dipped it didn't matter if there were any lumps, bumps or cracks as I had to make the "fur" on the outside. I tried to experiment with a few different things...using fondant and bought eyes for the eyes. Then using icing and food color pens for the pupils of the eyes. I used two different types of candy melts the Wilton and then AWESOME and AMAZING candy melt from a party store called Dawns candy was so nice and thin and easy to work with. I can tell you that from now on I will not be buying Wilton candy melts...sorry Wilton.

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