Sunday, October 30, 2011

As promised my carved pumpkin:)

Hi promised here is my carved pumpkin. It was my first time carving so I decided to do my Logo. I had so much fun doing it... first one to sit at the table to carve and almost last one to leave the I finshed it off at home in front of the TV:) and here it is...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Cricut Cut Treats......

This week on the FCCB blog their challenge was to create a purple monster (although my purple in the pics looks bright blue for some reason...its purple I promise:)). Well it just so happens that I had to make some Halloween cupcakes so it tied in nicely. These took some time to make but were so much fun. The cartridge I used is the Dress up Doll many cute things on there with endless possibilities....enjoy the pics.

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mmmmmm where do you belong...Gryffindor???

I love the Harry Potter films although I have not seen the latest one yet. So I was thrilled when I was asked to do Harry Potter Cupcakes:) There are soooooo many things you can do...sorting hat, scarves, bertie botts, chocolate frogs, spell books, wands and the list goes on and on. 
My friend gave me a new recipe to try with these involved pumpkin and cocoa....yum. The frosting turned out very wet though and so the fondant wasnt too was melting and sliding in the car....eeeek. My poor husband(I was driving and he was holding the cupcakes)and I was um"saying" nice things to him like"HOLD IT STILL" and a few other things too:)
We got there fixed the cupcakes and then started some pumpkin carving which we be in another post:) Enjoy the pics....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wedding cake and Zombies...

Hello everyone!!!...I know I have been chating about this wedding I was going to do baking for,for sometime now and it finally came:) I made the wedding cake the grooms zombie cupcake tower and then a whole bunch of other board game themed cupcakes for the tables....well one professional photo has been posted so far and here it is:)
The photogarapher Megan from megan christine studio was AMAZING.
The cake was three tiers, bottom tier was vanilla with strawberry filling, middle layer was taro root and then top layer was chocolate. Ontop of the cake was a beautiful wired tree with green beads as leaves. The zombie cupcake tower was vanilla with strawberry filling. this wedding was so much fun, I will post more pics as they come. Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Games, Games and more Games...

Here is what I have been so busy workingon these last couple of make that weeks:) Cupcake toppers for wedding cupcakes. The tables at the wedding will each have a game on it and my cupcakes will correspond to those games....more professional photographs will follow in the weeks to come:)
There are still a few more things I have to do like glue things together, dust them etc....Also for those of you who are very observant:)... I mixed some of the colors in the the heart black...ooops. The overall effect is good though....enjoy

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gum Paste Flower Class

I decided to sign up for a gum paste flower class:) Adventurous? could say that. It was a TON of fun....many many hours later I finshed my lilies...and now I am on to the,breathe,sleep gum paste:) Also I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered from 9/11

Monday, August 22, 2011

Robot Fun

These guys were made for a Robot theme. I used the cricut machine for the little robot cupcake picks on the one set of cupcakes...they were a yummy vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserve and strawberry frosting:) the "parts-o-robot" cupcakes were chocolate filled with carmel and cream cheese frosting and fondant toppings. There were so many endless possibilites for these...colors shapes sizes...You could make any robot you want.  To add to the fun I made cake pops with vanilla cake and vanilla frosting. The lemon bars were wrapped up and given in a cute little cricut cut bags for favors. I used the cricut machine for various other things the baby sign...the 3D robots and little cut signs for the food.


Lemon Bars with Cricut Cake cut flowers

Cricut cut Robot Cupcake picks

Cricut cut gift Bags

Cricut cut Sign

Robot Cricut Cartridge for Invites

3D Robots using Cricut Robot cartridge