Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cricut cupcake wrappers

A wonderful friend has lent me her cricut machine for a couple of days...YAY. I LOVE this machine. There are so many wonderful things you can do with it. Why am I so excited???? well there is a cupcake wrapper cartridge...its AMAZING:) Here are some samples that I have cut out.

I also have my eye on the Cricut cake mini machine. This machine cuts fondant, gum paste and cookie dough....fun, fun, fun. I will have to start saving.

Another first try...

I have been pretty sick for the past couple of days but started to feel somewhat better...well enough to do a little baking experiment:) My nephew in South Africa loves Avatar Airbender and my sister, mom and I are trying to figure out how to do Airbender cakepops. My first attempt failed.....
so I will wait and see what my mom and sister come up with.

Since I had cake mix and candy melt left over I decided to try my hand at a mini cake cake pop. I had black icing mixed already so decided to play around with a green and black theme. Not too bad for first try...what do you think???

and a cake ball....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheaper than store bought....

I have been searching for some cheap disposable cake pop stands. In my books the ones I have found are just too expensive:) so I decided to create my own easy cake pop stand. These are my first two and they don't look like much without the cake pops...but I'm sure they will look lovely once all the cake pops are in. This first picture is of the items I bought. Different colors of tissue paper,some cake board circles and I also bought some paper cups.
Wrap the circle boards in tissue paper. I used pink for a Valentines day theme and green for the Superbowl.

I cut a paper cup in half and hot glued it to the center underneath. You can find these in different colors as well if you would like it to match(not needed though as people will be looking at the top:)) you could also add one to the bottom to make it taller and if you wanted your cake pops to go through a second hole.

My valentines stand.

My Superbowl stand.

...and there you have a cake pop stand. If you have found some cheap reusable cake pops stands please let me know.

Monday, January 17, 2011

First try...

Here is my first try at making a persons face and then turning them into a zombie....do you think I succeeded? I first watched a video on YouTube on how to make a face and then proceeded to destroy it to make a zombie(there wasn't a video for that:)). Still more practicing to do. Also I need to try out making "real" fondant people.I'm sure that will be harder.

Start with cream, black and white fondant. By the way the nail varnish bottle in the back is almond essence:)

....and then you make Suzy (sounded like an appropriate name for her:))

Then you make her a zombie...sorry Suzy:(

On a non-cake topic I went to Dave Ramsey Financial peace course last night. It was really great with some good info...does this mean I have to have a budget for all the cup cake accessories I buy? Will keep everyone updated on what I learn.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Green, black and white polka dots and Zombies

Here is the start of ideas for the wedding I will be doing in September. Yes I know it is still a long time but I need to start practicing how to make zombies...you heard me right zombies. Those will only be for the grooms cake though:) There will be different games on each of the tables just incase no-one wants to dance...what a wonderful idea from a creative bride. So I will be making cupcakes for each table that correspond with the game and then will be making cupcakes and cakepops for a dessert display. The photo below is just some of the things I will use for these cupcakes. I will post pictures as I start experimenting.
Green, Black and white polka dots.


I had so much fun making these as purple is my favorite color. These were made for my friends daughters birthday....quite a mouthful. The cupcakes and cake pops are yellow cake and a very sweet butter cream frosting. I used store bought fondant to make the flowers(still need to perfect my fondant making skills).  For the cookies I used a texture mat to get the impression images of flowers. They really did taste good and I flovoured the fondant with vanilla.
Baking, mixing and decorating...it is time to relax and work on my website:)

Purplicious Cupcakes.

Purplicious cake pops.
Purplicious cookies.

The past

Well let me get you up to speed. A few things about myself.  I have been experimenting with cupcakes and cake pops for a couple of months now...and have had a blast. So I decided it was time to get a website up and running and a blog as well. I am new to this and it is all very exciting.  I was first a jewellery designer,then a textile designer and now a therapist and nanny....with baking added into my evenings:). Here are a few of my creations to get you up to speed:

PAC MAN Cupcakes for a 80's theme party.

Mario Brothers cupcakes for a 80's theme party.

South African Haloween Party
Spice cupcakes for Thanksgiving Church Dinner

Yummy brownies with turkey and pumpkins for Thanksgiving Dinner at Church.

Carrot cake cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting and fondant flowers.

Cake pops for the children Christmas dinner desert theatre party.

Well that was my quick update to show you what I have been up to for the past couple of months. Thanks for looking and reading and overlooking my spelling and grammar errors:).