Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

These were fun to make...trying to decide what to use for different features of the chicks and the bunnies. The bunny: I started off trying to make fondant ears,these did not turn out as I had hoped and were taking too long to make. So I resorted to my all favorite melted chocolate and I think it worked really well(and was really quick:))
The chick: no problems here...easy come easy go.
The nest: So this was meant to be a basket,however the handles did not look good and were not staying on so 1,2,3 abracadabra....and you have a nest:)
The carrot: these were fun to make a friend had sent me a link with pictures on which was great inspiration to these carrots. They are also filled with carrot cake. Tried using apple liquorice to make the leaves but didnt work out so I used my trusty fondant.

The first set of kids and adults had some today and the rest are for the kids at my church after their Easter egg hunt tomorrow:)Enjoy the pics


  1. Hi Caryn, wow what talent! Your cakes are just darling, love them. Yvette told me all about them so I had to come check them out, so glad i did they really are beautiful and I can tell you have fun making them. Cheers Julia