Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheaper than store bought....

I have been searching for some cheap disposable cake pop stands. In my books the ones I have found are just too expensive:) so I decided to create my own easy cake pop stand. These are my first two and they don't look like much without the cake pops...but I'm sure they will look lovely once all the cake pops are in. This first picture is of the items I bought. Different colors of tissue paper,some cake board circles and I also bought some paper cups.
Wrap the circle boards in tissue paper. I used pink for a Valentines day theme and green for the Superbowl.

I cut a paper cup in half and hot glued it to the center underneath. You can find these in different colors as well if you would like it to match(not needed though as people will be looking at the top:)) you could also add one to the bottom to make it taller and if you wanted your cake pops to go through a second hole.

My valentines stand.

My Superbowl stand.

...and there you have a cake pop stand. If you have found some cheap reusable cake pops stands please let me know.

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