Monday, January 17, 2011

First try...

Here is my first try at making a persons face and then turning them into a you think I succeeded? I first watched a video on YouTube on how to make a face and then proceeded to destroy it to make a zombie(there wasn't a video for that:)). Still more practicing to do. Also I need to try out making "real" fondant people.I'm sure that will be harder.

Start with cream, black and white fondant. By the way the nail varnish bottle in the back is almond essence:)

....and then you make Suzy (sounded like an appropriate name for her:))

Then you make her a zombie...sorry Suzy:(

On a non-cake topic I went to Dave Ramsey Financial peace course last night. It was really great with some good info...does this mean I have to have a budget for all the cup cake accessories I buy? Will keep everyone updated on what I learn.


  1. She's beautiful! Both pre-and post-apocalypse :) I love seeing the process!!!